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I have a great relationship with exercise and built a career around it as an elite athlete and personal trainer.  However, my relationship with food had always been poor because I never enjoyed eating vegetables.  This made me very sick with cold and flu symptoms.  For many years, I used a lot of over the counter medication or prescribed antibiotics.


After a late night out, I craved something refreshing and paid $8 for apple juice with a bit of spinach and mint…  expensive juice, yet delicious.  I decided to create it myself but make some health improvements by blending the ingredients instead of juicing.  


In just a week of veggie smoothies every morning or as a healthy snack idea in the afternoon, my body felt more energised, my head was clearer and digestion improved.  By week two my skin, hair and nails seemed healthier.  After a few months I realised I hadn’t been sick… not even a sniffly nose.  That was awesome!!   Vegetables, particularly leafy greens are essential for great health.  


Friends and family started to place orders because it's such an easy breakfast idea… and that’s how the story of these perfect little vegetable pods began.  It saves time, money and reduces waste but most importantly it makes you feel better.


With a little help from friends, we return organic waste back to nature through composting.  It's really important to support and give back where I can in as many areas as possible, while leaving a small footprint.

Sustainability is vital which is why we have an Environmental Sustainability Coach supporting us and keeping our operation accountable.


Currently to produce the pods we are using recyclable, BPA free containers with biodegradable film that seals in the freshness.

However, Sky is always looking for a better alternative to excessive packaging without compromising the convenience of the blended organic vegetable pod. 

There has been a lot of suggestions including edible packaging and freezer moulds.  All great suggestions and under consideration.

You are welcome to make a suggestion.


We were blending organic vegetables.

At 4:30am we pick up these beauties from our local farmer's port: UNITED ORGANICS, here in QLD.

All our Australian ingredients are sourced from locally grown, certified organic farms.

Did you know it takes an organic farm 3 years of audits and reviews to be completely certified organic?  The level of work involved to keep pests and bugs away without chemicals while making sure that there is zero cross contamination from surrounding properties is enormous.  

I really appreciate the level of work and demand to grow organic produce.  Little wonder there is a price difference when choosing to buy organic vs conventional food.

From paddock to pod!


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